Holistic Birth School 

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'Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Childbirth & Motherhood'

As a holistic midwife, I help pregnant women wanting to avoid drugs & harsh chemicals, learn how to safely harness the power of essential oils so that they can safely support themselves through pregnancy & childbirth, live clean, & be the mother who cares for their family’s health & home naturally.

The Knowledge

learn how to make your own health treatments & cosmetics

Drug Free

learn safe, natural alternatives to drugs & antibiotics

Natural Childbirth

learn effective techniques for supporting natural childbirth 

Relaxation & Sleep

learn natural ways to reduce stress, anxiety & aid sleep

Aches & Pains

learn about oils & massage for pain relief & muscle relaxation

Share the Love

start a lifelong relationship with Mother Nature's provisions

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Childbirth & Motherhood 
how it all started...

We love the natural world, & try to live an earth-friendly life, minimising chemical intake into our bodies & output into the world.


During my pregnancy, I suffered many of the common health difficulties associated with being pregnant. My struggles made me acutely aware of the very limited options available to pregnant women for treating ‘non-serious’ health issues.


Many women including myself are reluctant to take medication due to potential side effects and prefer a natural approach. 

As a midwife, I  became increasingly frustrated at what I was able to offer women under my care to help them with similar issues, and to assist them with natural support for a positive childbirth. 


Having a baby also changed my perspective -  I began to realise how many potentially harmful chemicals there are in everyday household, & even ‘baby’ products. Polluting his little body & future world just wasn’t an option! -  I made it my mission to research safe and effective natural alternatives to drugs & chemicals to help myself & the women for whom I cared. 


I had such great results myself using essential oils for health, wellness & home & personal care, as well as other holistic methods; yoga, positive thinking and relaxation techniques that I knew I had to share this with other women. So I sought out one of the world's leading experts & teachers on complementary therapies in childbirth (Denise Tiran) & went on to qualify as an aromatherapy midwife practitioner & massage therapist. I am also educated, and a keen advocate of many holistic therapies & techniques such as positive mindset, yoga, reflexology, mindfulness and more and share this in my work.


Family & colleagues initially thought me ‘a bit way out there’’ - however, I now have consultant obstetricians (& many other colleagues) seeking my advice to help with health issues using effective natural alternatives to medicine - primarily plant medicine such as essential oils, and my son now requests oil blends when he is poorly!


To date, using holistic therapies and techniques,  I have assisted hundreds of women to navigate many health issues and to support themselves naturally during pregnancy and birth. The techniques they have learned have enabled them to feel in control, alleviating fear around childbirth. They feel confident in their strong female bodies & feel empowered to create and experience a calm and positive birth.  They have gone on to develop into confident capable mothers utilising their skills and knowledge - a legacy that they share with their family.


If you’re interested in learning to naturally support your own positive birth journey, I have created a special online course delivered in person by me so that you too can learn to do all this & more… 


The Holistic Birth School delivers a comprehensive, straight forward,  no-nonsense ‘fluff-free’ teaching program which will empower you to feel in control, to develop a belief in yourself as a strong and capable woman and mother, and in your innate ability to positively birth your baby, however that happens.  


I coach women in harnessing the powerful natural support of complementary therapies such as aromatherapy, massage, positive mindset & relaxation techniques (amongst others) to support wellness in pregnancy, & to create a calm, positive & enjoyable birth experience. - Yes, You heard that right!


The learning is delivered in your own home via video links once a week over 5 weeks (with ongoing contact & support). 


Are you interested in getting coached by me? Just reach out!


I keep the number of women that  I coach to a minimum so that I’m able to provide individual personalised care,  so spaces are limited and I expect the program to sell out quickly. If you’d like, I can make sure to notify you before the next intake so that you can enrol before spaces are taken. 


Please click on the link for further information


With positivity & love,  Paris Senior. Holistic Midwife

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