Holistic Midwife Diaries - Using a Holistic View for Essential Oil Blending






Today was one of my favourite days - Treatment blending day - I simply love making natural treatments for people.


Not only because I get to work with some of natures most beautiful ingredients, but because I get to share my passion & knowledge with some lovely people & help them on their path to wellness without a single drug in sight. 


It's like a wonderful journey, & I always learn a great deal along the way when researching prior to blending, as no two treatments are the same. The journey often begins with someone asking for help with a certain problem, or divulging particular difficulties they are having. Whether it is symptom specific or the issue is quite vague, I always take a holistic approach.


This means that instead of homing in on a particular symptom & aiming to only treat that, I like to get a fuller picture of what may be causing the problems or symptoms in the first place. Taking wider issues into consideration can often lead to a longer lasting more successful treatment as we aim to treat the root causes as well. If these are not taken into consideration, symptoms can often quickly return. For example, underlying stress or anxiety can cause stomach problems or skin conditions, which will return time and again if the stress & anxiety is not also addressed.


Having said this, many treatments can be for specific problems for which the cause is known but not curable (or unknown), or simply a one off event. For example, one of the treatments I made today was for a lady with arthritis. Clearly this condition is not curable and often degenerative (gets worse as time passes). Therefore the treatment is very much geared towards the symptoms, & addressing pain relief & reducing inflammation & fluid build up. That does not however, mean that the treatment cannot be holistic, I will still view the person as a whole entity. 


Yes, I can help with the symptoms alone, but if we explore a little & discover how this impacts a persons life, the treatment can be much more rounded. For example long term pain conditions can affect sleep, pain & sleep deprivation can sometimes lead to feelings of despair or depression. The beauty of using Essential Oils & natural remedies is that these can also be addressed as part of a good holistic therapy. For this lady, broken sleep was a major issue for her. Knowing this meant I could choose oils which can help with this also, help her choose a more effective method of treatment application.


Gaining some insight can be as simple as asking 'how are you feeling?' and following up with' how would you like to feel?' It certainly doesn't have to be an in-depth discussion (unless this is what a person wants). This guides me well when helping people to find their way forward.


Then the magic begins for me. Choosing a blend of oils which not only has the healing properties we want but that also smells divine. 


The next step of the journey involves deciding on how best to ‘deliver’ these

Potent oils for maximum benefit and ease for the person. For this I have a wide range of mediums from beeswax to avocado oil to Shea & cocoa butter, coconut oil and many other natural oils and emollients. 


Once this is chosen and blended, & it is smelling beautiful & full of amazing natural ingredients, & powerful properties, the art continues... It, of course, has to also look beautiful....


For my treatments I choose either luxurious cobalt blue glass. Top of the range blue cosmetic jars,  or more manly coated aluminium canisters. Then are then labelled & wrapped in luxury tissue paper & ribbon. And then placed in a gorgeous draw string bag. Once I’m happy, only then do they wing their way to your door to begin their healing. 


The real joy of the journey is when I hear feedback from people who share their improved health with me. This can be from significantly improving their pain, reducing or eliminating their need for drugs, to reducing negative the side effects of those drugs. 


The only side effects of my treatments I have found, are positive ones. Such as improving sleep/focus/levels of anxiety! 


I really do love my job....

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