100% Natural DIY cleaner. Reduce the Chemicals in your home & Save a fortune!



Ever since the birth of my beautiful son I have tried to reduce the amount of chemicals in our house, on our skin & what goes down the plug hole. 


This home made multi purpose cleaner is simple, low cost, very effective (particularly for mirrors & shiny things) & smells Divine! 


What do you need? Just 3 Things!


1. A recycled spray bottle 

2.White vinegar (not white wine vinegar- the cheap 55p stuff is what you want!)

3.Pure Essential oil - grapefruit, lime or lemon  all work well. For one 500 ml bottle of vinegar you will need about 80 drops. For treatments I use best quality oils; for cleaning I still use pure essential oil but I’ll buy the cheaper 100ml bottles (any where between £5 & £10) for cleaning - they’ll last for about 15 bottles of vinegar. 


Shake and spray!

Good for windows, hard surfaces, floors, work tops, bathrooms, you name it. Just spray it! 

The initial vinegar smell soon disappears and leaves your home sparkly, disinfected & smelling divine! 



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