Do You Have to 'Believe' in Aromatherapy for it to work? Aromatherapy in Pregnancy.


As someone who is familiar with the healing benefits of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy this question is not something that had ever occurred to me. However, when treating my mum for the first time, she had only 'let' me treat her swollen Ankle primarily to be polite, (I could tell from the sighing and rolling of the eyes).


Her Ankle was massively swollen & painful, from what we think might be a gouty arthritic condition, which flares up every few months, she was barely able to weight bear or get her shoe on. I asked her not to take her usual cocktail of anti-inflammatory and strong pain relief to see if my treatment using essential oils would be effective for her. I asked her to soak her foot in a bucket of water for 10 minutes (she timed this), and added to it Pure Essential oils of Lemongrass, Chamomile Roman, Black Pepper, Lavender. I also made her a blend of the above in a carrier oil to massage in afterwards.


The result was amazing (even to me), before the 10 minutes was up, the swelling was noticeably reduced, and after 30 minutes it was only just noticeable & the pain was gone. My mum still hasn't had a flare up in her ankle since, and not needed her cocktail of tablets! She exclaimed, "I was certain it wouldn't work as I didn't believe in it at all" - She does now! So the answer is No - you don't need to 'believe'.


Aromatherapy is a Safe, Holistic Treatment for Physical, Psychological and/or Emotional problems using Pure Essential Oils. Aromatherapy is So much more than beautiful smelling oils.....Pure, Therapeutic Grade Essential oils contain numerous naturally occurring chemical constituents which can have a direct physiological / & or psychological effect on our bodies on a cellular level (just as drugs do). Each individual oil has it's own unique profile which can affect different systems / emotions in the body.


Upon inhalation (smelling), (& via every method of treatment) Essential Oil molecules bind to receptors in the nose (olfactory cells) & travel directly to the brain (limbic system - thought to be the seat of emotions & memory) & then onto the lungs. Subsequently, the Essential Oil Molecules are then distributed via the blood stream into the general circulation, and to all parts of the body. (D.Tiran 2016)


There are many conditions in pregnancy, Labour & the postnatal period which can be treated safely using Aromatherapy, providing the right oils are used at the correct dilution, at the correct stage in pregnancy / labour / postnatal period. -Please be aware that there are many /Essential Oils which are not suitable in Pregnancy & Please use under professional guidance.


Many women do not seek treatment for problems in pregnancy or take medications for fear of harm to their unborn child. Aromatherapy can be a safe, viable alternative to pharmaceuticals / conventional medication. It aims to treat holistically and encompass the cause as well as the symptoms.


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