Full Consultation with Paris Senior - Holistic Midwife

& Bespoke, Custom Made Treatment posted directly to you.


All Treatments are 100% Natural, Drug & Chemical Free & formulated specifically for You, & only You.


During your consultation we will discuss your requirements & discover what sort of treatment will work best for you.


In the consultation we can discuss any symptoms you are having & seeking help for, or the kind of treatment / skin product you would like & how best this can be formulated for you.


Your treatment will be holistic - we can also discuss any life issues, circumstances or events which may be a contributing factor to your symptoms, or which run along side your symptoms - treatment for which could be combined into your personal blend. 


We will discuss your medical history, allergies, time of pregnancy & any pregnancy issues or conditions you may have - or how you are getting along in the postnatal period.

This will enable me to select the most effective, appropriate & safest ingredients for your personal treatment.


We will also discuss how you will use the treatment, & what the best method of application would be for yourself. 


We may also discuss any safety issues that you might need to know & how to apply your product or treatment.


Consultations can be over the phone, video link, via email, instant messenger, or (if local), face to face - which ever way works best for you.


Your Treatment will then be formulated by me, wrapped beautifully & sent right to your door!

Private Consultation & Bespoke Treatment

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