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Learn how to support your health & wellness during Pregnancy, Childbirth & Mothering

by learning to safely create & use 100% plant-based medicine, nutrition, personal care products, and home cleaning products, as well as learning holistic wellness techniques for supporting body & mind

'My Plant-based Pregnancy'

Midwife led coaching course

A unique 6 module online coaching course -

taught in person by Holistic Midwife - Paris Senior

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The Knowledge

learn how to make your own health treatments & cosmetics

Drug Free

learn safe, natural alternatives to drugs & antibiotics

Natural Childbirth

learn effective techniques for supporting natural childbirth 

Relaxation & Sleep

learn natural ways to reduce stress, anxiety & aid sleep

Aches & Pains

learn about oils & massage for pain relief & muscle relaxation

Share the Love

start a lifelong relationship with Mother Nature's provisions

"This life-transforming course is SO much more than learning how to harness the power of natural health and wellness techniques for pregnancy & childbirth!


Personal coaching with Paris - an experienced, qualified Midwife of over 20 years, with 24/7 access to support - (for as long as you want) is like having a midwife in your pocket!"


You will absolutely transform how you approach health & wellness in pregnancy, and how you support yourself through childbirth (however your baby arrives) using nutrition, essential oils, positive mindset techniques, and many other natural ways of supporting yourself and your family.

You will naturally care for your, your baby's and your family's health needs following birth, as you will have a natural pharmacy at your disposal! You will easily create natural remedies for whatever health issue arises (with guidance on when to seek professional help)

You will also simply and easily create cost-effective home cleaning products that don't cost the earth, and virtually eliminate the need for pharmaceutical drugs or chemicals in your home! (Clean, chemical-free surfaces for little fingers)

In addition to this, you will simply and easily create 100% natural beautiful (divinely scented) personal care products - no more scrutinizing labels to see which (unpronounceable) chemicals are in shop bought products!

My easy to follow 6 module course teaches you skills for life that will allow you to become the mother who cares for herself, and her family's health and home naturally!

This unique course is taught in person

via video-link by Paris Senior - Holistic Midwife.

My Plant-Based Pregnancy

"In my coaching course, it is my pleasure to help pregnant women like you, who want to avoid drugs and harsh chemicals, learn how to safely harness the power of plant-based nutrition, essential oils and other holistic practices so that you can safely support yourself throughout pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, live a cleaner more earth-friendly life, and become the mother who cares for their family’s health and home naturally."

With Love, Paris x

A comprehensive course 

taught in person by Holistic Midwife - Paris Senior with ongoing personal support

"It will absolutely transform how you care for your pregnancy health, home and family." 

Congratulations, and welcome. 

You are amazing! You are growing a tiny human inside that wonderful and capable female body of yours. That is no small feat!! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to be here with me. My name is Paris Senior, Qualified Midwife, and founder of the Holistic Birth School.

Having a baby is all very exciting, scary and mind blowing all at the same time right? You are actually creating new life!

Even after 18 years and counting as a Midwife, I am still in genuine awe at how every single pregnancy journey and every new baby that enters the world is so special and unique.

I suspect you’ve found your way here because you want to know more about how you too can navigate YOUR unique and special journey while keeping things as natural and chemical free as you can. -This is absolutely possible with the protection and sustenance that Mother Nature has provided (and also with a little guidance and support from a Holistic Midwife). Let’s see.

  You are absolutely in the right place if........

you prefer to avoid taking drugs for health complaints unless absolutely necessary - but want support at hand, should you need it.

you would  like to have the knowledge, skills and resources to manage non-serious health issues in pregnancy using safe and effective, plant-based natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals

you would like to confidently and safely support yourself naturally through the challenges of childbirth, while having safe and effective resources at your fingertips to help with any anxiety or discomforts which you may encounter….(also being fully informed about the medical options that are available should they be necessary).

you wish to transition into motherhood naturally by learning the skills to self-care using plant based therapy to assist health, healing and support your wellness post-birth both physically and emotionally….

you want to acquire the knowledge, skills and resources to quickly and effectively support many of your family’s health and wellness needs at home, (reducing how often you need to visit the family doctor or pharmacy), using simple, safe and effective natural alternatives to medications

you too would like to know how to dramatically decrease the amount of chemicals you use on your home surfaces, where little fingers touch? In your airspace where little lungs inhale? In your bath, and on yours, and your family’s skin

you wish to save money and de-clutter, whilst being more mindful and reassured about what goes down your plughole? All while protecting the future world in which your children will grow up, making it a cleaner and less polluted place to live

you too would like to create a lasting legacy by sharing your nurturing skills, ways of clean living, and maintaining health naturally with your children

you would like to be able to show your children how easy and simple it is to support many aspects of your own health without relying on pharmaceuticals and chemicals, and how to easily live a more earth friendly life…..

You would like to be guided by someone experienced, qualified and trustworthy.

(Some of my qualifications & credentials:)

  • Bsc (Honours Degree) Midwifery, RM.

  • Dip HE Nursing. 

  • Expectancy Aromatherapy Trained.

  • Diploma in Massage therapy


  • NALS 

  • Member of the Royal College of Midwives

  • NMC Registered Midwife.

Yes, you are absolutely in the right place!! 

My son and I love the natural world, & try to live an earth-friendly life, minimizing chemical intake into our bodies & output into the world.

During my pregnancy, I suffered many of the common health difficulties associated with being pregnant. My struggles made me acutely aware of the very limited options available to pregnant women for treating ‘non-serious’ health issues.

Many women including myself are reluctant to take medication due to potential side effects and prefer a natural approach. And as a midwife, I  became increasingly frustrated at what I was able to offer women under my care to help them with similar issues, and to assist them with natural support for a positive childbirth. 

Having a baby also changed my perspective -  I began to realise how many potentially harmful chemicals there are in everyday household, & even ‘baby’ products. Polluting his little body & future world just wasn’t an option! -  I made it my mission to research safe and effective natural alternatives to drugs & chemicals to help myself & the women for whom I cared. 

I had such great results myself using essential oils for health, wellness, home & personal care, nutritional support, as well as other holistic practices; (yoga, positive thinking and relaxation techniques). I knew I had to share this with other women. So I sought out one of the world's leading experts & teachers on complementary therapies in childbirth (Denise Tiran) & went on to qualify as an aromatherapy midwife practitioner & massage therapist. I am also educated, and a keen advocate of many holistic therapies & techniques such as positive mind-set, yoga, reflexology, mindfulness and more and I share this in my work as a midwife.

I can’t express enough what an amazing warm and nurturing feeling it is as a mother, when my son comes to me with; ‘tummy pains’ or a cough, a cold, a headache, an ear infection or is finding it difficult to sleep, or anxious about something for example, that I am able go to my ‘natural pharmacy’ aka my essential oils box) and quickly and simply make him something to soothe him in minutes. 

This is a completely normal way of life for him. He doesn’t ask for ‘calpol’ or pain killers, he asks “Mama, have you got an oil for…….?” 

He is even beginning to know the properties of nutritional foods, and some of the different essential oils, and is starting to make his own blends!

There are so many blogs out there with “the best” natural remedy for this or that, but who can you truly trust? Do you know whether they are safe for pregnancy? Are they research based?

If you wish to become the Mother who cares naturally for herself and her family (even before your little one arrives in the world) Then I would very much love to personally help, support and guide you

I purposely keep the number of women that  I coach to a minimum so that I’m able to provide individual personalized care,  so spaces are limited and I expect the next enrolment to sell out quickly.

If you feel that this is the way you would love to live, the kind of Mother you would like to be, if this sounds like something you would like in your life, then I’m with you all the way! - book a call and get yourself enrolled! 

Why might I be the right person to support you through pregnancy, childbirth and into Motherhood?


As a midwife of over 18 years I have coached many, many women through a myriad of emotional & physical issues, through some amazing experiences and also some rougher times. 

During my own pregnancy, childbirth and transition into motherhood, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions, & many physical challenges. 

But like many women, (especially during pregnancy) I prefer to avoid using drugs for my health issues unless it is absolutely necessary. 

During my pregnancy, when minor health issues arose or I had pain, it became very apparent that my options were very limited indeed. Pregnancy is such an amazing, scary, wonderful, exhausting, exciting, anxious time…..but boy, can it take its toll on our incredible female bodies!

Having become a Mother myself, this made me reflect on my practice as a Midwife. I became very frustrated at how little I was able to offer women who had less serious complaints, or who chose to decline the small selection of ‘standard’ pharmaceutical treatments on offer, because of concerns about the potential effects on their baby's health.  

Issues that women come to me with include, anxiety, depression, joint & muscular pain, respiratory infections, coughs, colds, flu, wound healing, lethargy, sleep issues, nausea & vomiting, piles, skin problems...to name just a few.

Standard options for treatments only include very limited pharmaceutical treatments (with a whole host of potential side effects). Or, to 'just put up with it'

I just knew there had to be a better way!

There had to be safe, effective and natural treatments

out there somewhere!

So I began my extensive research.

This led me to gain knowledge and experience of many complementary therapies which are safe and effective in pregnancy which I use in my practice as Midwife.

Often, complementary therapies aren't accessible for women.  However, there was one natural therapy that shone above all others for its versatility, effectiveness, ease of use and accessibility.

The incredible healing and health boosting benefits of essential oils and the wonderful art and science of aromatherapy as plant ‘medicine’  along with herbal preparations were the beacons I was looking for to allow me to provide safe alternatives to pharmaceuticals.

So I sought out the UK’s leading specialist Midwife and lecturer in the field of Complementary Therapies in Pregnancy - the eminent Dr. Denise Tiran, and I was fortunate enough to have her personally teach me. I now want to share my knowledge with you.

Even though my subsequent qualification and training was very thorough, backed by evidence and research, and delivered by some very eminent people in the world of midwifery, aromatherapy and obstetrics.  At first I was still quite skeptical.

Could essential oils, nutrition, and herbal preparations really support so many health issues and be so versatile in the home?

Previous to my complementary therapy qualifications, I had thought essential oils were only for beauty spas & bath products. Or limited to a few drops of lavender oil on the pillow or in the bath to relax... I thought that it was all very nice, but possibly all in the mind.

My science background predisposed me to thinking, well if essential oils etc were so effective for supporting health issues and pain etc, then why haven’t we been using them for years?!?

Well it turns out….actually we have been using essential oils and natural preparations, successfully, for thousands of years!

We have simply lost the common skills & knowledge which were once passed on from generation to generation since the mass introduction of big pharmaceuticals! - A tablet for everything! Wouldn’t you know! 

While of course, medication is essential in some circumstances, Drugs are BIG business and have purposefully drowned out and belittled all other more traditional health options.

Ever since I introduced essential oils and plant-based preparations for health & home into my everyday life & into my midwifery practice, I have successfully assisted hundreds of women to navigate health issues in pregnancy.

I have empowered women to cultivate a calm, natural childbirth using essential oils for support. Many have used essential oils and natural preparations to heal from birth physically & emotionally & eased their transition into new motherhood. They continue to use oils essential oils and plant based preparations for many of their family's health needs.

Some of my main life’s goals are to empower and support women like you, one by one, to be able to have natural health skills at their fingertips.  To have the ability to care for themselves and their family naturally. To pass this knowledge far and wide. To reduce chemical and pharmaceutical intake and output, and to reduce fear surrounding childbirth. 

I would love to share this way of life with you. 

Some common questions and misconceptions

You may wonder… "are essential oils and herbal preparations safe to use in pregnancy?"


The answer is, no - not every essential oil, and many herbal preparations are not safe for pregnancy. However, I am a qualified Midwife,  yours, and your baby’s health and safety is my absolute number one priority. The oils and treatments you will become confident and familiar with using have been carefully researched and selected to ensure that they are safe to use, and effective in pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood. 

Using The Holistic Birth School’s unique S.M.I.L.E method,  you will be able to easily identify essential oils and treatments that are safe to use and effective for supporting wellness and health issues in pregnancy, for support in childbirth &  the easing the transition into motherhood, all while caring for your family’s home and health needs naturally.

You will confidently and safely blend essential oils, and plant-based preparations to make health treatments, home care products and cosmetics at the correct strength, and at the right gestation. You will also learn which are to be avoided and when. 

As an additional safety measure, I will always ask some confidential pre-course health questions regarding your unique health history & pregnancy so that I can be confident that using plant-based treatments, nutritional advice and the complementary treatments in the course are right for you personally. This is why ask you to book a call with me prior to considering you for enrolment.

"Aren’t essential oils 'all in the mind' - A placebo?"

Absolutely not!

While many essential oils can and do have an effect on the mind, essential oils work on many levels - physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

On a physical level, essential oils enter the bloodstream in a similar way to how regular drugs do. From there, different essential oils have different effects on the body at a cellular level: just as different medications do - Only without the nasty side effects of drugs! 

Essential oils are often used to support physical symptoms such as pain, infections, skin issues, healing wounds, constipation to name but a few. 

This is why essential oils are so useful for pregnancy and childbirth - a time when many medications are off limits.

Essential oils can also work for you on an emotional and spiritual level, which is why they are often used to support issues like anxiety, depression, sleep issues and nervousness among many other issues. 

"My Doctor/Midwife/partner doesn’t ‘believe’ in essential oils etc,  or thinks they might be unsafe". 

Did you know that the vast majority of maternity professionals have no formal training in complementary therapies at all, let alone specifically regarding essential oils.  


While it is certainly true that some essential oils and herbal treatments should be avoided, and can even be harmful in pregnancy. Due to lack of education in this area, this has led many busy maternity professionals to give a ‘blanket’ statement that ‘all essential oils and herbal preparations should be avoided’, because they are unable to give advice as to which can have huge health benefits and which to avoid.

This is also one of the reasons why many women use essential oils and complementary therapies in pregnancy and childbirth ‘under the radar’ and do not disclose using them to their maternity team. Thankfully this outdated viewpoint is beginning to change with huge leaps and bounds in research.

When I first started using holistic wellness in my practice as an NHS Midwife, I was often met with doctors and midwives either insisting that they ‘were all in the mind’ or ‘simply didn’t work’. -

I am pleased to tell you that I now have midwives, doctors and even consultant obstetricians coming to me for advice and referring women to me to help them with various physical and emotional health issues in pregnancy. 

"Aren't Essential oils expensive?"

The essential oils that you will learn to use have personally been selected by me for having the most health benefits for pregnancy and childbirth. And being the most versatile for family health and home use. Most are very reasonably priced and will last a long time. Plus, (when paying the course fee in full) you will receive a kit of 17 pure therapeutic grade essential oils and 6 base products (worth £119.00)

Yes, there are some desirable and exquisite essential oils that are very expensive out there, but there is always a more cost effective alternative. You will learn all this and more in this comprehensive course.

Essential oils are so concentrated and powerful that often only a few drops are required, meaning that one tiny bottle can often last a year or more.

The savings you will make from learning to create simple natural health treatments and cleaning your home with natural, fabulous smelling home cleaning products will outweigh the cost of the ingredients by far.

'My Plant-Based Pregnancy'

What you will achieve when you join me in this transformational course

you will successfully gain the knowledge and confidence to safely support yours and your family’s health needs naturally, without resorting to pharmaceuticals (unless absolutely necessary). 

You will cultivate a strong, positive mind-set enabling you to safely and effectively support yourself both physically and emotionally throughout pregnancy, childbirth and into motherhood (no matter how your beautiful baby arrives). 

You will keep your home smelling divinely beautiful and sparkly clean while minimising harmful chemicals by using simple, natural, cost effective and earth friendly products.

You will simply and easily create delicious, bespoke, natural and effective skin and hair care products which do not cost the earth.

 You will share this transformational knowledge and positive mind-set with your family and future generations to create a legacy and help reduce pollution in their future world

Extra bonus - Share the love! - you will never be short of unique personal gifts for family and friends!


Further course details......

Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Motherhood is an exclusive online course delivered in person by me in very small groups to allow me to support you throughout your journey as I would like to. The course is delivered in your own home via video link once per week over 6 weeks in 60-90 minute Modules.

You will receive ongoing lifelong support and 24 hour access to our support community, Facebook message system, and email. You will be completely supported and will feel confident to learn to do all of the above & more… 


I deliver a comprehensive, straight forward,  no-nonsense ‘fluff-free’ teaching program which will empower you to feel in control, to develop a belief in yourself as a strong and capable woman and mother, and in your innate ability to positively birth your baby, however he or she decides to enter the world. 

You will receive a full 'starter kit' of 17 essential oils, with the base ingredients you need to create many beautiful treatments worth (£190)

You will will receive a guided lesson on creating a perfect 'labour kit' to support you through childbirth (with access to ongoing resources and downloads)

You will learn to harness the powerful natural support of complementary therapies such as aromatherapy, massage, positive mind-set & relaxation techniques (amongst others) to support your wellness in pregnancy, & to create a calm, positive & enjoyable birth experience. - Yes, You heard that right!

For those first 5 early birds who pay in full, I offer a bonus hour long one to one session to discuss / plan / talk about whatever you want!

If you would like me as your pregnancy mentor...

Just reach out, send me a message or book on a chat with me!

Always with positivity & love, Paris x


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