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About  Me & The Holistic Practice Philosophy......

Hi there & welcome, my name is Paris Senior and I've been a Midwife since 2004 & I currently practice at Hull Women & Children's Hospital (NMC No. 99D0428E). I love my job and I feel so very privileged being able to share so many women's magical journey into parenthood. 


I'm very passionate about supporting & empowering women & their families through pregnancy & childbirth. I'm also very passionate about using effective natural resources, techniques & therapies wherever possible. 

To support this passion, I have gained additional qualifications in aromatherapy & massage therapy, which allows me to support & educate women with health & wellness issues naturally, safely & effectively.


Pregnancy is a beautiful & amazing life event, however, it is also a time for self-reflection, & great changes in our bodies & minds. This, as well as common pregnancy ailments & conditions, can sometimes take its toll.

Many women rightly wish to avoid medication during pregnancy & breastfeeding, but are often unaware of or are unfamiliar with the natural resources we have to help us through many emotional & physical health issues.

Using essential oils, massage therapy, herbal remedies & holistic techniques, I can assist with many health issues during pregnancy, childbirth & beyond.


This might include managing pain, easing nausea, managing anxiety & depression, soothing tired aching bodies, assisting sleep, inducing & coping with labour, healing wounds & infections, increasing breast milk supply, & healing post-birth are just some of the issues I can help you with. - or maybe you just want a relaxing massage & bit of me time?


Or Maybe you wish to learn about using aromatherapy yourself with one of our workshops or courses?


Treatments take many forms, & are always custom made specifically for you.

They are 100% Natural, & Safe for use in pregnancy.

If you have an issue or condition where it is not safe to use certain treatments, I will advise you of this. 

All treatments will follow an initial consultation either On-Line or Face-to-Face, this is so that I can understand your needs and be prepared prior to your treatment. Treatments can take place in my Treatment Room in Hornsea, or your home if you live locally and have the room (& some peace & quiet). Cost of treatments vary greatly, this will be discussed at our initial consultation and is usually between £35 & £70 on average depending on what is required, travel etc.

I use only the highest quality Essential Oils & Natural Ingredients, (Organic where possible).

Treatments are provided with full instructions & beautifully packaged of course! 


Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs. Because I am a practicing midwife, I am not always free to answer the phone, therefore text, email or Facebook messenger is usually best for the first contact.

I look forward to speaking with you & hopefully helping you navigate your special journey.


 Kind Regards, Paris x


































"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

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